Migrate File Share Metadata into MMS

A customer request came in recently; they wanted to get their file share content and associated metadata into the Document Library and the Term Store / Managed Metadata Service (MMS). Below are some very high level steps using the excellent AvePoint DocAve 6 software to achieve this.

The steps demonstrate migrating from a file share to SharePoint Online, but this could be an on premise installation as well.

First of all, a document library needs to be created so file share content can be migrated. In this case the document library is called ‘Migration Library’ and is shown below;


In the term store for the site collection, ensure a term set is available. In this case it is called ‘Migrated Terms’ and sits under the site collection;


Back in the document library, ensure a ‘Managed Metadata’ column is available. In this case the column is called ‘Keywords’ as shown here;


For the column’s term set settings, select the relevant term set – in this case ‘Migrated Terms’ as previously shown;


Within DocAve, select the items in source (file share) for migration, and then the destination area (document library);


Next, create a profile (no exact settings needed here – nice to mention that folder names can be collapsed and the source path can be kept in a column);


Within the save as Plan screen enter a name, select the profile just created;


Important: Select ‘Configure the metadata file myself’ as shown below;


Important: Enter the managed metadata column name added to the document library, in this case ‘Keywords’ (ensure correct type is selected);


You can select to use the ; sign to allow multiple values;


Select to ‘Save and Generate Excel’ in the bottom right area;


This will create an excel file in the file share location;


Opening the Excel file, you can edit the Keywords column. Save this when done and ensure the Excel .xls file is copied back to server, if it was copied from the server for editing – just replace existing file;

Example below of multiple values per cell using ; separation on cell U22


From the Plan Manager screen, select ‘Edit’ for the plan created earlier (as its associated to the generated / edited Excel file);


Select ‘Settings’ and from the Metadata Source section in the ribbon, and select ‘Use the existing metadata file’ (this uses the excel file that has been edited);


Select ‘Save and Run Now’ as shown below;


Go for the default options on the pop up;


Wait for the migration to complete;


The list now contains the content and metadata as shown here;


The term set is now populated as well;


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