AvePoint Cloud Backup

AvePoint have released their new SaaS based Cloud Backup solution, which really builds upon and improves the standard Microsoft offering. Here are some key benefits:


  • Near-zero configuration for daily backup plans.
  • Target of protection up to 4 daily backups (or every 6 hours)*.
  • Protection for all Office 365 content including: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365 Groups.
  • Built-in or customizable business rules and filters.
  • Store backups in our zone-redundant Azure storage with minimal configuration.
  • Store backups in your cloud or data center of choice with support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and any data destination accessible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • View and manage the protection status of all Office 365 assets through a single reporting interface.


  • On-demand, granular recovery of all Office 365 content – including mailboxes, conversations, calendars, files, and Groups – to the online or offline storage of your choice while maintaining all metadata and permissions.
  • Restore content and conversations to mailboxes, Groups, or sites – not just its original home.
  • Restore content directly to file systems or export mail conversations as a Personal Storage Table (.pst) file.
  • Recover quickly with time-based restores using a simple and intuitive calendar interface, or search for business-critical files or emails using full-text search for rapid discovery.

The solution is really clear and easy to use, and my experience so far has been fantastic. I love the peace of mind it brings, and the fact I can jump in and use it even if I had never seen the solution before – it’s so descriptive and well set out – I can simply dive straight in and backup / restore all of the Office 365 suite.

Here are some screenshots;

Main Screen – Simple tiles showing the status of each backup. Anything backed up, backing up, not backed up, or with problems is clearly displayed;

Restore Tiles – Very easy, simply select what you want to restore, followed by the backup job;

Activity Reports – Easily access reports to see what actions have been taken out, and who performed them. Any issues are highlighted as well

Settings – Easily configure notifications (finished, finished with exceptions and failed), Backup Settings and Mappings;

For more information and a quick tour, please feel free to contact me.

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