Task Status RAG Indicator in Project Online or Project Server

Hi All,

Bit of a common request today. I find a lot of clients including the one I am currently working at, like a task level indicator to easily identify the status of a task. In this case my customer wanted to see the following;

  1. When no baseline is set (Black minus sign)
  2. When the task is starting late (Red Icon)
  3. When the task is finishing late (Amber Icon)
  4. When the task is complete (Blue Icon)
  5. Otherwise assume its ok (Green Icon)

Quite straight forward, the formula can be as follows for a task level field;

Switch([Baseline Start] = ProjDateValue(‘NA’) Or [Baseline Finish] = ProjDateValue(‘NA’), “No Baseline”,
 [% Complete] = 0 And [Start] > [Baseline Start], “Starting Late”,
 [% Complete] < 100 And [Finish] > [Baseline Finish], “Finishing Late”,
 [% Complete] = 100, “Task Complete”,
 [% Complete] <> 100, “OK”)

Remember to set the indicators;

RAG Custom Field 01

Then when saved, you should be able to add the columns to your plan either in PWA, or your Project Pro client;

RAG Custom Field 02

Hope that helps!

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