Giving Team Members ‘Contribute’ rights in Project Sites in 2010

Hi All,

Common Project Server 2010 (Not applicable to 2013) Question:

“One of my team members is not part of part of “Project Alpha” but needs to access the Project Site and be able to upload and edit documents, risks and issues for me”

The default setup is as follows;

  • Team Members cannot see projects they are not assigned too
  • Team Members can view project sites when they are assigned to the team for that project
  • Team Members can contribute (edit, upload items) if they have a task assignment for that project

In my opinion, the best way to give a team member the required rights is to do the following;

  1. Open the Project Schedule
  2. Create a new task called “Project Site Contributor”
  3. Set the duration as 0 days
  4. Uncheck the ‘Mark Task as Milestone’
  5. Add your resource to the ‘Build Team’ menu, and assign to this task

This should give the user the required rights.

Another option for a more organisational change (e.g. if all team members need to edit documents in sites) is to edit the permissions for ‘Readers (Microsoft Project Web App)’ and copy that of the ‘Team members (Microsoft Project Web App)’ at the parent level – The readers permission group is essentially the users who are just in the build team for the project. It at least saves having to assign the team members in every project if this is your desired approach.

This post is not applicable to the 2013 release or Online, as team members added to schedules are placed in the ‘Team members (Microsoft Project Web App)’ group which has all the contribute rights setup.

Other people may have other approaches to this – but I have found these the best ways without messing around with the Team Members Group / Categories as you can end up with the team member having more permissions than they actually need!

As always, try in a test environment first!!!


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