Project 2013 Server / Online – Raise a Risk to an Issue

Hi Everyone,

I am currently onsite for one of my customers, and they have asked if there is a way to raise Risks added to the system, to an Issue.

In this case, the client actually wanted central risk and central issue logs (two seperate ones). They did not want to use the out the box Project Sites – but this should still work for the OOTB method as well.

Basically, the following steps should get you there.

  1. Make sure  you have a site with two logs, one risk log, and one issue log
  2. Have an idea of the fields you wish to copy from one column to another. Basically a source and destination column for each column you wish to copy over
  3. Load SharePoint Designer, and load the site with the logs
  4. Create a new “SharePoint 2010” workflow and call it ‘Risk to Issue’
  5. In the first step, add a ‘Copy Item’, ‘Update Item’ and optionally ‘Delete Item’ (you may wish to set a value in the risks to escalated or similar and keep an audit log of risks before they were raised)
  6. Make sure using the links, the step looks like this;
    Risks to Issues
  7. In the above screenshot, ensure the update item in issues element looks like this (of course choose your own fields to copy over!)
    Risks to Issues 2
  8. Publish this workflow. This workflow will be a manual start workflow – it cannot be automated.
  9. Still in SharePoint Designer and connected to the site, load the lists section and click the source list (Risks)
  10. Select ‘Custom Action’ in the ribbon, and click ‘List Item menu’
  11. Call the custom action ‘Raise to Issue’ and highlight the Inititate to Workflow, selecting the workflow you just made
  12. Load the Risks log, add an item, and if you click the elipsis you should now have a new option to try! Like here;
    Risks to Issues 3
    You could select the “View Ribbon” custom action, and have a ribbon button as well – you can upload images and this looks great when done.

Hope that helps!

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