Project Server 2010 DM Dynamic Workflow Email Alerts

Hi All,

Just thought I would post a common query we get with the free solution from the Project Server 2010 Solution Starter Pack. I understand this is now no longer officially supported, however, as I have deployed it a fair few times in the past, I get a question asked I felt worth posting.

Basically, when a project is submitted to the next stage in the workflow, an email is generated where approvers are defined (groups or individuals). My clients quite often ask why they get a few emails. So here are the emails that are typically sent;

Email you get when a workflow approval comes through
This does not require the user to subscribe to the ‘Project Server Workflow Tasks’ list, you get it either way if you’re an approver;

Workflow Alert 1

Emails you get only when subscribed to the ‘Project Server Workflow Tasks’ list
This alert will potentially come up several times, where several approvers are concerned! The ‘Assigned To’ value will be different on each email;

Workflow Alert 2


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