Enterprise Project Types in the Project Server 2010 Reporting Database

Recently I was asked where the Enterprise Project Types are stored in the Project Server Database, as my colleague couldn’t see them in the expected MSP_EpmProject_UserView location within the Reporting Database. The data in question actually sits in the MSP_EpmEnterpriseProjectType table.

Here is a query I wrote which will bring them out;


MSP_EpmEnterpriseProjectType ON MSP_EpmProject_UserView.EnterpriseProjectTypeUID = MSP_EpmEnterpriseProjectType.EnterpriseProjectTypeUID


  1. Hi Rob, thanks for this information. It’s been a year since you publish this so anyway I want to ask you something:
    – In the reporting database (MSP_EpmProject_UserView) there is a field named ‘ProjectType’ (with values 0 to 7) do you know what does this values mean?

    Thank you very much

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