There is a view named &Gantt Chart in this project which cannot be overwritten

An old historic issue has been cropping up recently on more than one occasion where duplicate view messages appear within Project Professional when opening plans from the server – which is referred as a polluted enterprise global. An example of this message is;

“There is a view named &Gantt Chart in this project which cannot be overwritten.

Press OK to rename it, or press Cancel to cancel opening the project.”

If you open views that do not exist in the Enterprise Global while you have it checked-out, Project will copy over the appropriate view and its table. You can avoid this by always checking the global for pollution prior to checking it back in. To prevent this message from displaying again, continue with the below steps;

When the below error occurs (make a note of the view)

Duplicate Gantt View Error Message

Close the above project, and reload project then open the Enterprise Global to Check it Out

Check Out the Enterprise Global

With the checked out global in the background, open the problematic project (maybe all of them) and rename the view when forced too

Rename Duplicate View

Change the project plan to another view (not the one mentioned in the error – you cannot delete the view if you are using it)

Change the View

Go to more views (from the same menu again)

Go to More Views

Select the “Checked Out Enterprise Global” option in the right most dialog box

Select the Checked-out Enterprise Global

Delete the relevant view (Gantt Chart in this case) from the Checked out Enterprise Global

Delete the Relevant View

Do same for entry table if required, then close everything and check it all in.

Simply retest from here.


  1. Hi

    the solution works perfectly but what if you have 100+ projects on your environment? does this involve opening each project and doing this?

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