Assigned Issues and Risks Page Headings in PWA

While on client site, I got a question proposed to me about something I haven’t personally noticed before. When assigned risks and issues are added to your Risks and Issues page in PWA from the project sites, the main page doesn’t actually indicate which table is Risks, and which table is Issues! It is easy to tell when nothing is added, as it states that no active items are assigned below each table. However, when you have items in both, you cannot actually tell.

An example showing this is here;

Issues and Risks Page by Default

This is not very good, so I decided to try adding the webpart’s title but then the spacing wasn’t quite right as shown below (check the gap);

Gap between title and the web part

With this, we clearly need a GAP for the Issues webpart.

I decided to add a content editor web part above both sections and put the same font in. This produced the same problem by having a gap for the Risks but not for the Issues. However there is one advantage using the content editor webpart – the ability to Edit HTML which can allow us to use breaks to create a gap for the Issues content editor webpart title;

Editing the HTML Webpart

Code to copy:

<span class=”ms-rteFontSize-2 ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-0″>Issues</span>

Using this technique on the Issues Content Editor Title Webpart, I could space it out;

Improved look for Risks and Issues with titles

The risks one is just left alone, basically with no breaks.

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