Configuring SharePoint Integrated Mode for SQL 2012 and SharePoint 2010

Below are some high level steps I carried out when setting up SharePoint Integrated Mode using SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2012. These steps of course apply if using Project Server 2010 as well. The main point to consider, is SSRS needs to be on a server which is joined to the SharePoint/Project Server farm. In the below case, I had one SharePoint 2010 Server, and one SQL 2012 Server.

First of all on the SharePoint Server, install BOTH the Reporting Services SharePoint features – nothing else is required, and these do not need to be on the SQL Server itself;

Select both the SSRS Features on the SharePoint Server

After this has run and still on the SharePoint Server, run the following PowerShell command to install the SharePoint service. A successful completion of the command displays a new line in the management shell. No message is returned to the management shell when the command completes successfully:


Run the following PowerShell command to install the service proxy:


Run the following PowerShell command to start the service or see the following notes for instructions to start the service from SharePoint Central administration:

get-spserviceinstance -all |where {$_.TypeName -like “SQL Server Reporting*”} | Start-SPServiceInstance

From here, start the “SQL Server Reporting Services Service” via Central Admin

Next, setup a “SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application” within the Managed Service Application section – it is recommended to setup a new web application for this…

At this point, it is worth checking sites now have the “Power View Integration Feature” under site collection features is enabled. Root sites should be ok as this is activated automatically – but check anyway, and enable on any other site collections as required

Other additional bits you may want to consider might include provisioning subscriptions and alerts, configuration of e-mails for service applications, adding reporting services content types or activating the file sync features.

Inside the SharePoint Integrated Mode Service Application

A good check in the above screen is to check the “System Settings” and “Manage Jobs” links work – if somethings not right these links sometimes error.

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